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Summer Camps & Clinics


Four YuroSk8 Systems and Skill Development Summer training camps available the summer of 2021!  See below for details and registration links.  

The Yuro Sk8 Systems training concentrates on all aspects of playing hockey in progressive drills and skills training.
Choose the program, camp focus, and location that's right for your player.

 On Ice Dryland
• Skating
• Edge work
• Stick handling
• Passing and pass receiving
• Shooting
• Battling
• Puck possession
• Hockey IQ
• Plyometrics
• Range of motion
• Balance
• Explosive Action

Dynamic Shooting Camp 2021

Developing more power, accuracy and release time. Recognize and utilizing your shots in different areas of your game. Training on shooting in stride, shot selection, tips and screens, one timers, and deflections.
All ages.
10+ hours of intense training.

Date: August 2 - 5, 2021

Location:  Doug Woog Arena

Silky Mitts Camp 2021

Advanced stick handling and puck movement and protection in confined areas, upper body control, dekes, dangles, all at game speed and intensity.
All ages.
10+ hrs of intense training.

August 9-12

Time:  Monday-Thursday 9:15-1:15 pm

Location: Doug Woog Arena


Checking, Battling, and Defense Camp 2021

Proper angling, stick checks, positioning, puck protection, proper body contact, proper checking technique, giving and receiving checks along the boards and in open ice, evading checks/contact.

Date: August 16-19

Time: 9:00-1:15 pm

Location: Doug Woog Arena